The Smoke Flask

Stylish & Smell Proof. The Smoke Flask is the perfect stash box for your road trips, hiking or the beach. 

Great for casual adventure in town, just preload and go!

Smell Proof Stash Box. Joint Case Holder, Blunt Case Holder

Pre Load and Go

Time to ditch the doob tubes rolling around in your backpack. You can also throw out the old stash box cigarette case you turned into a retro cone holder.

To be blunt, this holder will become your favorite smoking accessory. No more broken raw cones or loose cigarettes stashed in a smell proof bag. Open the flask, load up your prerolled cones and head out.  

420 Flask holds 5 Raw Pre Rolled Cones. Airtight and smell proof. Stoner Gifts

Smell Proof, Waterproof & Crush Proof

The Smoke Flask is great accessory for road trips, hiking, concerts, boating or the beach. It makes a great addition to all your festival accessories.

Also useful around the house or campsite. 

Weed Accessories, Cigarette Case for your joints blunts and pre rolled cones

Pocket Humidor

With a hat tip to all the aficionados, we understand the importance of keeping your valuable flower at the right humidity. A special designed clip in the cap holds the popular Boveda humidity packs.

Insert the size 1 humidity packet into The Smoke Flask and you now have a pocket humidor.

420 Flask holds 1 Boveda Humidity Pack to keep your herb fresh. Pocket Humidor

Modern Sleek Design

Attractively styled, this smell proof stash box holds 5 of your favorite raw cones, king palms, swisher sweets and backwood cigars that measure 3.26 inches in length.

The curved hip flask design will complement any style and can be stowed inside a blazer, coat, pants pocket, clutch or backpack providing a discreet and low profile. 

Weed Box, Stash Jar for Raw Cones, King Palms, Backwoods, Swisher Sweets and Zig Zag Cones

No Matter Where Adventure Takes You

The Smoke Flask is a perfect accessory for road trips, hiking, concerts or the beach. Also useful around the house or campsite. 

The curved "hip flask" design provides superb pocket comfort and the silicone rubber insert provides an airtight seal.