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The Smoke Flask

The Brock Boheme Co.

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SMELL PROOF, WATER PROOF & CRUSH PROOF : Complete with an airtight silicone seal to hold in odors. Strong enough to keep your joints, blunts & pre rolled cones safe & secure.

CURVED HIP FLASK : Back pocket, front pocket or blazer, the curved design of The Smoke Flask provides a discreet, comfortable fit for any pocket.

ROAD TRIPS : The Smoke Flask is the perfect preroll case for road trips, hiking or the beach. Also useful around the house or fire pit.

POCKET HUMIDOR : Holds the popular Boveda Humidity packet to keep your flower fresh. Just fold the size 1 humidity pack in half and insert into the cap of the flask.


The Smoke Flask will become your favorite smoking accessory. No more broken cigars or loose prerolls stashed in a smell proof bag. Open the flask, load up your favorite smokes and head out.

A great sidekick for fire pits or casual adventures in town.

The curved hip flask design will complement any style and can be stowed inside a blazer, coat, pants pocket, clutch or backpack providing a comfortable fit.

Joint Case Holder, Blunt Case Holder, Cigarette Case for Raw Cones Raw Papers
Joint Case Holder, Blunt Case Holder, Cigarette Case for Raw Cones Raw Papers Weed Accessories Stoner Gifts

The Smoke Flask

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  • Smell Proof
  • Crush Proof
  • Modern Curved Design
  • Holds 5 Preroll Cones
  • Lifetime Replacement
  • 30-Day Returns


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